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Monday’s Stats: QR Codes, Smartphones, & How Journalists Get Ideas

6% of mobile phone users are scanning QR codes
according to a new Comscore report. For all the discussion about QR codes over the last year or so it’s interesting to see a quantifiable number on their use. The study also shows that half of the QR code scans are on printed periodicals like magazines or newspapers.

35% of all American adults own a smartphone according to a Pew Internet study.

91% of journalists use the Internet for source information and story ideas. The study also shows that the overwhelming majority of them don’t think a company is legitimate if it doesn’t have a website.

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  • Bill Seaver

    Scott, thanks for the comment.

    Will, I agree wholeheartedly that Twitter leads people to blog posts, articles, etc. I use it for that purpose like so many other people do. What I’m arguing here is not so much the way Twitter’s used on Twitter, but that it seems be a replacement for blogging by some people and that it’s not a suitable replacement.

    KC, one of the people I was referring to was Steve Rubel who blogs at http://MicroPersuasion.com. He’s been one of the A-list bloggers for several years who has admitted to pulling back significantly on his blogging because of Twitter. He was one of the people I was thinking of.

  • Scott Sheperd

    I totally agree. Depth is not part of twitter. I’ve been on it for awhile and I almost quit but now I’m just changing how I use it. I don’t blog that much though I think I’m going to get back into it. When I do link to one of my blogs for someone else on Twitter or read someone else’s I realize how much I miss depth. Nice article – not just because I agree but because it has some depth.

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  • Will

    While Twitter encourages ADD, it doesn’t have to be an ‘either or’ scenario. Twitter conversations lead people to blog posts, articles, youtube videos, landing pages for email opt-ins or whatever else you want. Think about all these sites as little tentacles leading back to your own website where you provide content, sell stuff, give away free music or whatever.

  • KC

    Twitter hasn’t and isn’t going to kill blogs. If anything, it should make them more popular. I’m not sure who the people are that you’re referring to, but for myself and nearly everyone I talk to on Twitter, there’s been a notable upsurge in the variety of blogs being read. I have at least 5 in the last few months that I now check and read regularly based on referrals from other Twitter users.

    If anyone is abandoning their blogs in favor of Twitter, I think they’re injecting their particular opinion on what it’s doing to blogs and doesn’t really reflect Twitter users on the whole.

    As for ‘depth not being part of Twitter’, I’m sorry, but that’s dosh. Posts on Twitter are just glimpses of a deeper well. It’s the surface of a lake – you just have to dive in to get to the ‘depths’.

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