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Monday’s Stats: Tablet Use, Social Logins & Social Media ROI

Tablet Use At Home: Living Room Most Preferred Spot

When iPads first came out two years ago I wrote a post about how they were going to push for a new “lean back” approach to personal computing. According to a new study from Viacom, this is truly the case for tablet use in homes. The research shows that the number one room in which people use a tablet device in their home is in the living room followed by the bedroom. The full list of locations in the home is listed here in the embedded graphic.

Facebook Is Preferred Social Login Option
It’s now common to see login/signup options to new sites that don’t require a unique username and password and instead allow you to use your Facebook account for access. New research by Janrain Engage shows that Facebook is still the leader in this arena and has dramatically increased its share of this market over Google in the last year. Perhaps most surprising to me was that Twitter ranks as number four on this list behind Yahoo.

Executives Seeing Positive ROI From Social Media
The ROI discussion for social media stirs up a lot of debate and a new survey of 329 senior executives from North America shows that they’re seeing postive impact from their social media efforts. Among some of the top stats in the report, “84% of executives polled said that social media campaigns had increased the effectiveness of marketing and sales efforts, while 81% said a social media presence had helped their companies increase market share.” Hang on to these stats next time you need to convince someone in the office about social media’s positive impact on business!

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