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Monday’s Stats: Tablets, Local News, and iPhone 4S Crazy Sales Numbers

A new study reveals that
tablet owners (people with iPads, Nooks, Kindle Fires, and such) spend 48% more time online than other people. Whereas the average Internet users spends just under 3 hours online daily, tablet owners spend 4 hours and 19 minutes online each day.

Pew Research recently found out that local newspapers are still the leading source for people to get their local news. 25% of respondents to the survey rely most on newspaper whereas 17% said they rely most on the Internet. Local television came in at 12%. Most interesting, perhaps, is that 69% of Americans said that if newspapers went away it would not have a major impact in their ability to get local news.

With the release of the new iPhone 4S last week, Apple announced today that they sold 4 million units in the first three days! According to a Retrevo.com survey released prior to the new iPhone going on sale last Friday, 44% of iPhone 3/3GS owners, 42% were iPhone 4 owners, 12% of Android owners, and 24% of Blackberry owners were going to switch to the new iPhone.

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  • Lori Johnson

    Well, my heart just aches for Beth Brody. It’s hard to believe that email was the catalyst, although, I’m sure we all know that Beth was not the one to personally hit that send button. However, this ageny might really want to think about making refesher email training mandatory for the staff. Anyone who sends out email of any type these days has to understand the spam issue.

    To be identified with Satan is about as harsh as it gets. Bill, you and Nathan really have some good advice for Beth. She should immediately get to talking about what she is learning using as much humor as she can muster up. I mean really, how can anybody take being referred to as “satan” seriously. Perhaps Brody should think about how they could make a podcast of them being visited by the angels of the Christmas story where they go into the past to review this mistake, come into the present to see their reality, then go into the future to see how lovely their agency will be once they have learned their lessons then helping others do the same. I’m giggling about that now! But I hope they don’t violate any copyright laws while making that podcast!

    And, all those bloggers and tweeple know that none of us is exempt. If we get up tomorrow there’s a possiblility that we too could be called the satan of our industry because of a stupid mistake.

    IMHO, Beth’s biggest mistake is being a PR agency that doesn’t have a protocol in place for what to do in case of public errors. If they have one it should have immediately been apparent. Don’t we know enough from all the big, hairy, really bad PR that these high profile people have been creating. The sooner someone says a genuine I’m sorry, the public starts to relax. And Bill, you already said it, there’s really no little guy online because information can spread like wildfire and it usually picks up all kinds of stuff along the way to help it grow bigger. So we’re all at risk of showing our weaknesses.

    I happened to read this great article by a blogger that @MichaelHyatt over at Thomas Nelson Publishers suggested about recovering after a big mistake. Here’s the link – http://bit.ly/1l6bKK . Maybe we all should take notes because our day is coming. This article has a spiritual flavor, however, it’s full of adaptable nuggets.