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Monday’s Stats: Tumblr Growth, Social Beats PPC & Mobile Email

Tumblr & Pinterest In Top 3

A new study from January, 2012 shows that the top social networks based on time spent by an average user in the month are Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest. The chart included here is particularly telling. Also, note that MySpace beats out Google+. Ouch!

Mobile Emerging Email Platform
This shouldn’t be a surprise as smartphones continue to become more popular, but a new report shows that “email readership on mobile devices accounts for 30% of all opens, up from 10% a few years ago.” Pretty interesting as you craft your emails. You can assume a growing portion of them will be viewed on a small screen.

Ad Agencies Focusing More On Social Media Than SEO
The places where marketing agencies are spending money is interesting to observe and a new Strata report shows that agency priority and money is increasinly being redirected into social media away from search and pay per click. According to the research,”69% of agency executives now consider social the “focus” of their digital ad spending — up 32% over the past year, and now a close second behind display (71%) as the dominant digital media-buying platform in the minds of agency executives.”


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