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Monday’s Stats: Video, Virtual Goods, & F-Commerce

Lots Of Video!
New data from comScore shows that in February, 2012 83.8% of American Internet users watched online video.
Google sites still dominate in the number of views but Hulu leads the way in the amount of adverting on online videos.

Is F-Commerce The New E-Commerce?
The term “F-Commerce” refers to, as you might guess, commerce generated on Facebook. A new study out by Payvment shows that of 100,000 businesses using a Facebook storefront, 60% of them are doing it so “customers don’t have to leave Facebook to buy something.” We’ve certainly come a long way from trying to push everyone to our own website to generate the sales. Interestingly, however, it was reported a last month that major retailers are shutting down their Facebook stores. It’s clear the jury is still out on whether this is good for the long run or not.

Real Money For Virtual Goods
Last week, WebMediaBrands released some data about virtual goods. They anticipate that “the market in virtual goods in mobile games in the U.S. to hit the $500 million mark in 2012, up from $350 million in 2011.” A few years ago people would have laughed at this number. Interesting to see how this category of commerce is growing.

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  • @CAPITALCOMBS (Twitter)

    Bill is one of the most humble people in the industry, only a person with his integrity could share such vital and valuable information…Congratulation’s again on that new son…

  • Nathan Ketsdever

    I think you covered these two indirectly…but they bear repeating….
    1) Save them time
    2) Respond to a need

    I would add four meta-suggestions:
    1) Be visual when relevant
    2) Put it in a format that is useful, spreadable, and savable
    3) Allow for input
    4) Of course be personal and authentic.
    5) Make is easy & user friendly

  • Bill Seaver

    @Capitalcombs: Thanks for the comment. Much appreciated!

    Nathan: Great insight here: Save time and respond to a need. Good thoughts.

  • Edwin Crozier

    This is not as easy to remember as EIEIO

  • Bill Seaver

    Edwin, yes…you’re right! Hopefully it puts a little meat on the EIEIO bones for some people though.

  • Bonny Clay

    It sounds funny, but this happens. After you’ve been blogging for a while, you develop blog antennae. You’ll find yourself continually scanning the web, newspapers, magazines, email, and even your own personal experiences for interesting items to blog about