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Monday Stat List: $300K, Facebook mobile, & negative comments

$300,000 in sales over a weekend
- In this SocialMediaExaminer.com case study we see how a Bible software company generated $300K in sales over the Black Friday weekend last November using nothing but social media to promote its offer. Pretty interesting stuff here.

58 million mobile Facebook users - This Research Brief article has some good stats about how much mobile use is growing beyond phone calls and text messages. In December, 2010, there were 109 million American mobile users accessing mobile media. Almost 58 million mobile subscribers accessed Facebook in December, 2010. That’s 56% growth from the previous year.

67% of negative retail comments are changed - The data from this survey shows that when people complain about a retailer in social media and then receive a response from that retailer, the majority will either delete the original negative comment or follow up with a positive comment. The data also showed that 18% of complaining customers also turned into loyal customer and then bought more from the retailer.



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  • billseaver

    Evan, well said. Shows the power of the title to hook you. That how I hope all my blog post are…or at least that’s what I strive for.

    David, thanks for the comment. I agree wholeheartedly. Most people don’t spend nearly enough time creating the title. I usually tell people to take three times longer creating the title than they have previously. At least that way they stop to think about it again.

  • David (Marketing Integrity)

    You are right Bill. I have glossed over the importance of this and many others have as well. In today’s “information overload”, web-induced world, if our blog post is going to grab people’s attention, we have to work hard for it. Essentially every time we write an article our title is the marketing that sells it. So, that said, we should write the tile last and if necessary, take as much time to craft it as we did to write the post!

  • evan blackerby

    good points. some of those are good shows… some drive me crazy, but all hook me…