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Monday’s Stats: Female Shopping Influences & Tablet Multitasking

Blogs and Pinterest Drive Females To Make Purchasing Decisions
Pinterest has been all the buzz in social media this year and what has some retailers most interested is that it seems to be driving sales on their sites. While this has made for exciting news, this is actually not new for social media sites, particularly those geared toward female shoppers. A new report out from eMarketer using BlogHer data from earlier this year shows that blogs and Pinterest account for amounts of influence on female purchasing decisions.

Blogs were cited as having influenced 61% of female social networking users to make purchases. Pinterest influenced 47% of this same group. Facebook and Twitter came in at 33% and 31% respectively.

It’s Official: Tablet Users Watch TV While Using Tablets At Same Time
A GFK study from September about how consumers use their tablets confirmed what is coming to be known as two screen viewing…a scenario many of us play out regularly when we’re watching TV and also sitting there with a smartphone, tablet, or laptop in hand.

According to the study, 63% of tablet users multitask while watching TV. The study also revealed that 28% of tablet users look up information about products they see advertised on TV while watching their favorite program.

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