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Monday’s Stats: Social Media Users & Twitter Mobile

Who’s Actually Using This Stuff?
Ever wonder how many American Internet users actually use some of the most popular social media technologies? Pew Internet released some data recently that gives us some perspective. Facebook, as you might guess, is still far above everything else, but Pinterest continues to grow and is just behind Twitter. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Facebook – 67%
  • Twitter – 16%
  • Pinterest – 15%
  • Instagram – 13%
  • Tumblr – 6%

The Means of Accessing Twitter Matters More Now
The above stats show total percentages of which social media platforms Internet users are accessing most, but new data from Twitter and Compete reveals that Twitter’s mobile  users are more active with brands than Twitter users who just use the browser version of the site. As you’ll see in the chart below, these “primarily mobile users” have a lot to offer the brands they follow:

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