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A 2011 Prediction: Twitter Will Be For Professionals

I had the opportunity to be included on The Social Media Examiner’s “30 Social Media Predictions” post last week and the heart of my prediction is this:

Twitter and Facebook are no longer both general social networks. Although it seemed like Twitter was going to be a social network for everybody like Facebook, people haven’t flocked to it the same way and those who remain in Twitter have a professional reason for sticking around. The use of Twitter seems to be getting narrower rather than broader. The stats continue to affirm this too.

As such, my prediction is that Twitter will become a platform where you can connect with some people in their professional lives, and Facebook will continue to be the platform where you can connect with most people in their personal lives.

Why This Is A Good Thing
The idea of Twitter only being used by some professionals may seem negative but I think it’s a very good thing. You always have a higher chance of connecting with the right kind of people when you’re dealing with smaller numbers. If this prediction plays out, we’ll see Twitter begin to feel more like LinkedIn than Facebook and that will make it easier for everyone to know whether Twitter is right for them or not.

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  • billseaver

    Christopher – Good idea to check copyscape. I am not familiar with their service but I just checked it out and it seems helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  • Christopher

    great perspective Bill. Do make sure though, if you are monetizing your blog or website to at least run by copyscape.com to check who might be “sharing” your content and also trying to make a buck.

    Most of the time, it really isn’t about the $$, rather the exchange of ideas, but just as you delete the spam comments from blogs it’s a good idea to see where your ideas are flowing. Who knows, it might just lead you to add some context to someone who has repurposed some of your thoughts. You might make a new friend :)

  • mike miller

    Good post Bill very good as we all work on using social media tools!

  • Pete Wilson

    Great thoughts. I always consider it an honor when people steal my stuff.

  • gentlegirlie

    I think you are right – when you say they have likely not meant to steal your content….don’t accuse them of anything –

    I think that because technology is getting easier and easier there are more people blogging, etc that don’t realize they are “stealing” when they repeat something without a link –

    some may even say “I just read…blah blah blah” and never say where it was, not because they intentionally want to dis you, just because they don’t realize.

    (internet marketers know better, but not all others do, for example, cute dog pictures on blogs? I love dogs and a cute dog picture will get copied and resent everywhere – just because they think it’s cute – most of that is well-meaning people trying to show their sister or friend a cute picture – not everyone is professionals like cuteoverload.com . if you send then a nice, gentle, kind worded letter, they respond well.)

    I also like how you said “google has a way of bringing things together” LOL- big brother = google – whether you want them to or not, they always know what is going on LOL

    anyway – good post as always :)


  • billseaver

    Pete – I agree. I think it’s an honor also.

    gentlegirlie – Thanks for the comment. I believe that if we assume the best we’re less likely to burn bridges.

  • Craig

    Or would it be “Thou Shalt Encourage Stealing In Social Media Marketing”… hence the social, share it, pass it on aspect?

  • billseaver

    Craig – Yeah, that would work. I thought “allow” was a little more pithy though.

  • Doug

    I’ve never really thought of it in this way… I guess I would be honored too if somebody stole my stuff! Great post!

  • billseaver

    Thanks for the comment Doug. As strange as it is…it is an honor. It’s just a matter of the right perspective on the whole thing.

  • billseaver

    Thanks Mike!