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New Social Networking and Internet Use Stats

Social media and internet stats are something I’m always keeping my eyes on as key indicators of growth, decline, or change. Here are several interesting social and internet stats from a new Arbitron survey that are worth noting:

Social Networking Profiles
The study reveals that consumer use of social networking sites is not just a youth phenomenon. Personal profile pages are maintained by:

  • 78% of teens  
  • 77% of 18 to 24s
  • 65% of 25 to 34s
  • 51% 35 to 44s

Internet Or Television?
For the first time, more Americans say the Internet is "most essential" to their lives when given a choice along with television, radio, and newspapers;

  • 42% chose the Internet as "most essential"  
  • 37% select television
  • 14% choose radio
  • 5% said newspapers

While television still leads among those over the age of 45, Internet dominates among younger persons age 12 to 44.

Broadband In Homes
84% of homes with Internet access have broadband connections.

Wi-Fi In Homes
62% of homes with Internet access have wireless network set-ups in their homes.


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