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Podcast: The Most Overrated Tools and Ideas In Social Media

tnmLogo.jpgIn the latest episode of The New Mediology podcast, Alison Groves, Nathan Moore, and I shared our top three most overrated tools and/or ideas in social media. You can listen to the full discussion on The New Mediology website or download it in iTunes. Either way, here’s what you’re going to hear:

Nathan’s list:

  1. Ning 
  2. LinkedIn
  3. “Game changing” Google tools

Alison’s list:

  1. Over-analyzing stats and ROI
  2. Pushing the same content across social media channels
  3. Trying to hard with social media (not understanding how social media really works)

Bill’s list:

  1. Social media is just about technology
  2. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  3. Twitter
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  • billseaver

    Thanks Nathan. Great ideas here!

  • Nathan Ketsdever

    Hire someone to create video 2 to 4 minute featurettes on the bands. (perhaps with interviews) Video + music connects in a big, big way. The Meep is a pretty good example of this, except they are doing it in a DJ context.

    You could even do music announcements via video. Heather Bird does this with the Music City Minute. Perhaps make video clips available to mainstream media that have an online component like The Scene, the Rage, and the City Paper (who is going “all in” pretty much on digital). In other words assemble digital media for an upcoming artist all in one place so its easy for the mass media and local bloggers to cover it.

    The categorically best way for viewers to connect with your brand, your band, or your music venue is via video. Hands down. Hillsong United is a great example of this. The Compassion International social media campaigns and Shaun Groves video work are paradigm examples of this phenomena.

    Pictures of the band(s) and local attendees…for MySpacers & Bloggers with your brand & URL emblazened on the photos. Its a way to link build & to spread the word & give a service back your customers/community.

    Create a feed of customer created music reviews. This incentivizes reviews and makes it easier for mass media to pick up more opinions and media on shows.

    It may be old school but I would announce my events on Craigslist because of the tremendous short term search engine optimization benefits for the individual post.

    • Shaun Groves

      Thanks for the shoutout, Nathan!