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Reflections On 6 Years of Blogging

Six years ago last month I celebrated my six year anniversary of blogging. My first blog post was on June 13, 2006. I’ve written nearly 1,000 blog posts in that time and I have to admit that I like it just as much as I did when I began.

When I got started I really did it to explore new ideas and see if I had anything to the “web 2.0″ discussion that was building at the time. What I didn’t know at the time was that I would hedge my vocational bet on social media within seven months of getting started, and I’m glad I did.

Some Things Change
I have changed the way I blog some since the early years of doing it. For one, I don’t feel as compelled to stick to a schedule as I did the first year I was doing it. I blogged every day, Monday through Friday, for the first year. It was good but exhausting. Somewhere in the second year I pulled back and eventually landed on a weekly goal of three blog posts. That was around the time I came up with the meal versus snack idea. I still hold to that approach today and have pretty much stuck to it over the last several years.

Some Things Don’t Change
In case you’re wondering, blogging doesn’t get easier over time. It’s still a lot of work. It still takes energy that you’re not sure you have. It still takes time that you have to carve out of your schedule. It’s still very much worth it though.

As I look back at how the blog has impacted my business I can truly say that it’s allowed me to both gain work and retain work longer. In my line of work you need to be a person the clients like and trust. I’ve found that my blog helps me on both fronts. Funny videos like the video of the week series have helped break the ice with several clients and prospects over the years and my more informative posts have sealed the deal on whether or not someone was going to work with me. I only know it because they told me so.

The Real Payoff
More than anything I think the benefit of blogging is that it forces me to say things. It makes me figure out ways to say things that make sense…or it at least gets me closer to making sense. I’ve fleshed out so many ideas that eventually end up in client presentations, meetings, or keynote presentations on this blog. For that reason I think I’ll always be blogging. It makes me better so I can’t see myself ever not doing it. If you think I’ve overselling the idea take a look at what Tom Peters and Seth Godin had to say about it a few years ago (also embedded below).

Blogging isn’t as popular as it was a few years ago it’s still an incredible medium and it’s available to every business, every marketer, and anyone who wants to spread ideas. If you’re not doing it you’re probably missing an opportunity for personal growth and professional opportunity. It’s worth it. Six years later…it’s very much worth it.

Photo by chrisinplymouth via Flickr.

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