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Social Media Is Creating Employee Celebrities: 5 Threats and Opportunities

I had the chance to write an article for The Social Media Examiner a few weeks ago about employees who become social media celebrities while fulfilling their duties for the company. It got a lot of great discussion going. It turns out this is a topic other people see emerging in business today too.

In the article I identified five opportunities with celebrity employees and five threats. The opportunities are:

  1. A human connection
  2. Enhanced credibility
  3. Better insight
  4. Enhanced influence
  5. Crisis management

The five types of people who would be threats are:

  1. The Power Player
  2. The Gunslinger
  3. The Chatterbox
  4. The Free Agent
  5. The Diva

Digging Deeper Into the Five Opportunities and Threats
Last week I sat down with Brannan Atkinson of Atkinson PR here in Nashville to discuss these five opportunities and threats in more detail. You can listen to the podcast on the Atkinson website to hear the full discussion.

I think this is going to be a growing issue over the next few years and the way companies act toward their employees will say a lot about them and ultimately I think it speaks to whether they’re going to be able to use social media well.

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  • David Foster

    Thank you, thank you. So right on the mark. Very insightful

  • Dan Miller

    Great post here. So very true. People who sell before the need is established will never be really successful. And when it comes to technology, the gurus seem eager to just load you up with things that may not be effective at all.

  • billseaver

    Thanks for the feedback. Your encouragement is appreciated.

    Agreed, and meeting the need correctly is sometimes the hardest thing for a consumer to discern. They may know what their need is but aren’t sure how to fulfill it. Therein lies the possibility for someone to guide them well or guide them poorly.