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Social Media Marketing Jobs: I Can Connect You

As I’m meeting people in a variety of different sizes and kinds of business, one thing is becoming abundantly clear: they all want social media help of some kind. They’re looking for everything from social media training to social media plans, but something I’m hearing more people ask about is finding social media marketers who they can bring full time to join their companies. I’m really excited about this. Here’s why…

Companies need to bring social media inside eventually.

I’m a big proponent of companies determining a lead individual or team to run point on their social media efforts. Therefore I have major hesitations about long-term social media outsourcing because I don’t think any agency can represent the organization as well as it can represent itself. I wrote a whole post about that some time ago if you want more about my thoughts on that particular topic. The fact that I’m hearing more organizations get serious enough about their social media efforts and they’re willing to hire someone full time is a great sign to me.

I Want To Help Connect Businesses And Great Social Media Marketers
It occurred to me after a recent conversation with a client that I may be able to help identify and pass along names and resumes of people who would be a good fit, but I need a way to gauge people I don’t know, so I came up with the five questions below. If you or someone you know is interested in working with a company in a social media marketing role, just send me the answers to these five questions:

1. Your philosophy of social media marketing in 140 characters or less.

2. A link to the single best thing you’ve done in social media so far (whether for yourself, a company, an organization you volunteer with, etc.) with a little explanation about what you did and why.

3. The name of your favorite marketing book.

4. The name of your favorite online video and why.

5. The name of an organization you think is using social media well and why you think they’re doing a great job.

So, that’s it. Just five questions. No resumes, no cover letters, none of that kind of thing. Just send an email to Bill@microexplosion.com with this information. If it’s good, I’ll pass your information along. If not, I’ll tell you why I passed on it…if you want me to tell you.

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