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The Art of Earning Attention (And Staying Out of the Trash)

I remember several years ago I discovered that there was a particular type of junk mail that wasn’t making its way into the trash at my house. I discovered a small collection of thin magazine-like direct mail pieces from Kraft called Kraft Recipes.

At first I thought, “Why the heck is my wife keeping this stuff? It’s just junk mail from Kraft.” After I flipped through it, however, I discovered the secret to staying out of the trash at my house and yours too: be valuable.

What Kraft had done was two things: provide yummy looking recipes and give coupons to the products that get you started. For my wife and millions of other people there is massive value in those two things. With massive value Kraft earned her attention and stayed out of the trash.

Staying Our of The Trash
I learned a good lesson that day. It doesn’t matter what method of marketing or promotion you use if the people you’re trying to reach genuinely find you to be valuable. Personally, I think social media platforms are some of the easiest, cheapest, and most direct ways to show yourself to be valuable. Kraft has to spend a lot of money to go the route they’ve chosen but they’re very much onto something here. They’ve done several things really well:

  1. They know who they’re trying to reach.
  2. They know what will be seen as “valuable” to their audience.
  3. They have a way to get in front of their audience.
  4. They deliver it in an attractive package.

You can do everything Kraft has done. You probably aren’t going to go the slick magazine route, but if you have a Twitter account you can find people who are talking about the same kinds of things that you want to talk about. Just do a search.

If you have visually interesting products and want to reach women, Pinterest is an awesome place to earn attention and show your value. The Maggie Bags team is killing it on Pinterest.

Perhaps you can create some interesting content like an ebook or a white paper that will be just the kind of thing that your prospects would decide to read because it resolves a question or problem they have. The UpDesk team just did that last month and have seen excellent results with their ebook so far.

The bottom line is this: One of the most important things you can do is figure out how to be valuable to the people you want to reach. When you have earned their attention with the value you seeking to provide, you have done something quite remarkable and then you’re able to convert that attention into tangible, financial results.

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