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The Monday Stat List

Today I’m launching a new series on the blog called The Monday Stat List, which as you might guess, is a list of stats I find interesting through the course of the week. Here’s the first installment:

1 Billion: The number of Tweets per week. As a way to celebrate their five year anniversary, Twitter posted some stats last week that give some insight into how people are using their service. One of the interesting stats reveals that each week there are one billion Tweets posted.

80%: The percentage of children 5 years old and younger using the Internet weekly. An interesting new report talks about how much young children are getting access to the Internet. Also in this report was a stat showing that the average child watches three hours of television daily.

41%: Percentage of people who get their news online. For the first time the Internet has beaten newspapers a leading source for news.

70%: Percentage of people who bought the iPad 2 and were first time iPad owners. There are some very interesting stats about the people who bought the iPad 2 last week. The overwhelming majority were not upgrading from the first iPad, rather they were getting one for the first time.

2 million minutes: The combined amount of time people spend playing Angry Birds daily. Yeah, that’s a lot of birds flying around.

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  • billseaver

    Thanks Evan. No, not my secret identity…or is it???

  • evan blackerby

    Good stuff, Dr. Seaver. I dig it. That’s your secret identity right? You did all the voiceovers? Very well done karaoke. :-)