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Two Kinds of Facebook Likes: Living And Dead. Which Do You Have?

In the pursuit of getting more people to like your Facebook page have you considered that there are two very different routes to go which will yield two different groups of likers?

The Living
The first route is the road to the living like. It’s the one where your Facebook strategy is to engage and retain fans rather than focus all of your time getting new ones. Down this road you’ll find a solid percentage of your fans actually visit your page over the course of a month and even talk with you from time to time. They leave comments and like your updates. They’re alive, they’re active, and they’re participating on your Facebook page. These are what everyone strives for.

The Dead
The second route is the road to the dead like. These are the fans who liked you once but have never been back to your page. Perhaps they were motivated by a drawing for an iPad or tickets to a concert. You got them there long enough to jump through your hoop but you haven’t done much to bring them back. Maybe your boss needed to see an impressive number to feel like Facebook was worth the effort so you went after anyone who would click a button for you. Whatever the case, you have a bunch of likes that actually don’t like you. They’re dead as far as you’re concerned. You got here either a result of your strategy, attracting the wrong people, or both.

Quality or Quantity?
If your focus is entirely on a quantity of likes you’re probably going to go the dead like route. If, however, your focus is on earning attention and engaging well, you’re probably going to have a nice percentage of living likes.

The numbers on pages with dead likes can seem impressive at first until you realize you’re looking at a crowded graveyard. The pages with vibrant living likes tend to grow slower, but I’d take that any day. The last time I checked dead people couldn’t be customers.

Pursue a living like strategy. It’s really the only option you have.

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