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Video of the Week: The Batman Dog

I’ll apologize in advance because you’re probably going find yourself humming this song within the next 48 hours, but who can resist the Batman dog?


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  • Steve N.

    Good post. Interested to hear your thoughts on the teleseminar.

  • Nathan Moore

    100% agreed. I see this way too often. I think that you should strategically hook your readers with something other than an summary tease. Something like, “Check out more entries about marketing,” linking back to your site AFTER the entire text of the article.

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  • Josh

    Great post! I have been torn between the two with my blog, and the points you made in this post convinced me to change my settings back to full content.

  • billseaver

    Steve, thanks for the comment. I’ll share thoughts on the teleseminar later but let’s just say it was a very good learning experience!

    Nathan, good idea. It’s agree that it’s wise to leverage your feed for promotion but only after they have had access to the full post.

    Josh, you made my day! Glad to know it persuaded you to change your settings.

  • Pete Wilson

    Good advice. Thanks for the tip Bill.

  • billseaver

    You bet Pete. Thanks for reading the blog.