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Why All Marketing Has A Social Media Element Now

Part of being human is living with transition. Over the last six to nine months I’ve been going through a transition professionally. Maybe it’s more of an expansion rather than a transition but whatever the case I’m transitioning out of being a guy who only does social media for my clients into one who looks at the broader marketing opportunities they have.

This isn’t because social media is less important now than it used to be. Quite the contrary. Social media now touches all marketing initiatives so that even the most traditional advertising methods now have a social media element that must be considered.

It used to be common to hear businesses say that social media was a fad that would go away in the near future, but I haven’t heard anyone attempt that argument in well over a year.

New Rules
Social media isn’t only here to stay, it’s changed the rules. It’s changed how you do any kind of marketing you do because consumers have been empowered in ways that were never before possible. The business environment is fundamentally different now. 

So do traditional marketing means still work? Are they still important? Yes…just not as much and in different ways. 

I don’t like to use the term "game changing" lightly but what social media has done to the business environment is, well, game changing. If your billboard stinks I can Tweet about that to thousands of people. If your TV commercial is great I can rave about how awesome it was on my blog and embed the link to the YouTube version of it that you should have waiting on me there. 

It’s a new world of marketing, communication, and business engagement. Learn the new rules and thrive within them. There’s more opportunity to succeed than ever before. 






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