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Why You Must Change From the Old Internet Mindset

Last week I was giving a presentation, and on one particular slide I had a comparison between the “old Internet mindset” and the “new Internet mindset,” and I had a revelation. Here’s what I had on the screen:

People with the old mindset use the Internet as something that is:

  • Controlled
  • Corporate
  • One-directional
  • Distant

People with the new mindset use the Internet as something that is:

  • Transparent
  • Informal
  • Collaborative
  • Conversational

What struck me last week is that the old mindset described above still pertains to many individuals and organizations, but it also applies less today than it did a year or two ago. In another year from now, it will apply to even fewer people and at some point in the future, the “old Internet mindset” won’t even exist. Neither with the “new Internet mindset”. The day is approaching quickly when the new mindset will be the mindset.

When we talk about old and new mindsets, the tendency is to consider them as options or choices as in, “You can do the old way or you can do the new way. It’s up to you.” But there’s a problem with this thinking. What we consider the “new” way today will be the assumed mindset for using the Internet down the road.Today’s “new” is tomorrow’s “standard” mode of operation.

If you’re not there yet, or at least moving in that direction, don’t be surprised if you wake up someday and find that your online strategy is completely obsolete.

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