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Why You Should Never Retweet Compliments

A few years ago I wrote a post about why it’s bad form to retweet compliments on Twitter and as more people have gotten on Twitter since that time (and many have fallen into this same bit of Twitter malpractice) I thought it was time to repost the original idea.

The bottom line is this: retweeting a compliment is an online version of something you wouldn’t dare think of doing in real life so why should it be considered acceptable online?

Here’s the original post. Enjoy…and if you compliment me on it I’ll certainly say thanks but I won’t retweet it.

Post from June, 2009:

I’ve noticed an unfortunate trend among some people on Twitter. They retweet compliments, as in someone Tweets something nice about them and they in turn RT (retweet) that person’s original complimentary tweet.

It looks like this:

First, Joe_Niceguy tweets:

@Bill_Needslove sure did a great job on that project for us. He’s the man!

Then a few minutes later Bill_Needslove tweets:

RT @Joe_Niceguy: @Bill_Needslove sure did a great job on that project for us. He’s the man!

Who thinks this is a good idea?

We don’t do this offline. It’s not as if you meet someone in the store and the first thing you say is, “Joe says my company is awesome. He thinks we’re a great value and have first rate customer service.” You wouldn’t do that face-to-face, so why would you do it on Twitter? That just doesn’t make sense.

If someone says something nice about you on Twitter just thank them and trust that people will see it. When you retweet a compliment it undermines the sentiment entirely. Just say thanks and move along.

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    The company might feel awkward and in turn give them a bit of ‘publicity’.