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With Facebook Data, Bing Just Changed Online Search

Yesterday Facebook and Bing announced a new alliance that has all the makings of changing search as we know it. That may seem like a dramatic statement but I think this news is significant enough that it could get you (and me) Binging rather than Googling in the not so distant future.

The Low Down
Here’s what’s going on: you know how you and I have hit the “like” button on various Facebook pages, articles, and websites over the last year or so? Well, Facebook has been saving that data and it’s going to start making it available exclusively to Bing.

The Implications
This may not seem like a big deal at first glance but here’s why it matters: it changes search from being just about getting the most relevant information you want and gets you the relevant information with people additional perspective from people you trust. What this means is that when you do a Bing search to find the directions to that restaurant you’re going to visit you’ll also discover a friend who ate dinner there last week. Depending on that review and how much you trust your friend’s taste buds, you now have information to change what would have otherwise been money in the bank for that particular restaurant.

Social Just Got More Important
As if social media, and Facebook in particular, needed more hype, this actually does validate yet again why every organization needs to be participating in social media and the quality of the experience and product they provide.

The future of search appears to be looking a lot more like Amazon product pages complete with information and customer reviews and less like the Google search of old. Google’s known things were moving this direction for a while but Facebook just happened to sweep their leg by getting cozy with Bing.

The bottom line for you and me isn’t to be overly concerned about what happens to Bing, Facebook, or Google. It’s to know what’s happening with them, gauge where people are getting information, and meet them where they are.

For more good perspective on the Bing/Facebook connection, check out the Fast Company post about this new alliance.

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  • Craig

    Great thoughts, but I’d add to your #2 something like… I

  • Dave Delaney

    Good call Craig. Videos and images are another great way to promote yourself online. Perhaps embedding a Flickr slideshow of her client’s families (with their permissions of course) in to her site/blog.

    Thanks for including me on this Bill. Sharing them on Six Pixels would be a great idea.


  • billseaver

    Craig, any idea where we could find a videographer to produce a kickin’ web-mercial? I suspect you’ll have a recommendation. ;)

    Dave, thanks for playing a little social media BP and I will share them with Six Pixels for sure!